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I have a large staff team and was looking for a counsellor to support some of them. 

 Lisa was recommended to me by a friend and has been both caring and professional.

My colleagues have had regular sessions and all have benefitted greatly.

Lisa is easy to work with and I would absolutely recommend her. 


Thank you for all of your help and support and for allowing me to feel safe and heard to explore all aspects of my wellbeing and the things affecting that, I always felt able to speak thanks to the comforting atmosphere you made.

Lisa’s welcoming and approachable demeanor make her incredibly easy to talk to, creating a safe space for open and honest conversations. We delved into various areas of stress—work, family, and relationship issues—and her guidance has helped me gain a profound understanding of myself. Through our sessions and Lisa’s person-centered approach, I've learned effective strategies to manage these stressors and discovered what truly works for me. This newfound self-awareness has been transformative. Lisa's empathetic and attentive nature, coupled with her insightful guidance, have truly empowered me to navigate life's challenges with confidence and clarity.


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