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The counselling I specialise in is listed below, please remember with all these options you will also need to think about confidentiality and how that will work for you with each one:- 

Face to Face
Face to face sessions are now available in the counselling room which is based in the Canterbury area in Kent.

I'm here to provide you with the space to explore your feelings and experiences in an expert and completely confidential way  providing a safe, empathetic environment.
Parking can be found directly behind the building.  
Please click here for counselling room pictures.

I offer online counselling via Zoom, this is a secure platform and I will supply Zoom information to help you get started and help you decide if this is for you and you are happy to use it.  Please click the link below to find out more about Zoom services and tutorials.  
ZOOM is a free software we would use for the sessions, you can sign up for free by following the link below.   


I would also suggest that you do not reveal your full name or any personal address details etc whilst we are engaged in online counselling appointments as this helps to maintain the privacy of your sessions.   Please take time to read through my guidelines for ensuring privacy and security of your online communication with me, a copy is also attached.


We agree on a set day and time to ‘meet’ on-line via Zoom. This secure platform provides a high level of end-to-end encryption.  These sessions allow you to see me face to face in the comfort of your own home or where you want them to take place.  Online counselling sessions may be weekly or further apart depending on your requirements. They will last for a maximum of 50 minutes.  

Counselling using email offers you the opportunity to consider what you wish to say before you send it as well as time between exchanges to reflect on the information you have received.  A consideration of email counselling is the time delay between your mail and the return mail and this makes email counselling ineffective when urgency is a priority.

We will agree a day that you will email me and a day that I will respond by.  I will give your emails the 50 minutes session time that we would have if we were online or face to face.

This is similar to webcam counselling as it happens through the Zoom system, or via a handset, but without the visual aspects. You can choose to remain anonymous and the conversation is encrypted if held on Zoom. 

Technical Worries
Please do not worry about the technical side of this, many people have turned to these types of meetings and I will aim to talk you through any platform you decide to use. Some of the things to look out for with all the platforms and most importantly is the confidential side to each one.  Technology can and does go wrong, it is part of life but we will have in place a back up plan that we have agreed together before counselling commences so if something goes wrong we can still continue as we have agreed. 

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